Vegan Weight Gaining

I went to see a documentary last night, "What the Health". Made me think about how I eat, and things I know. I eat basically a modified vegan diet. Since I went to nutrition school, I combine the ideas I learned, which are elements from Weston A Price (, veganism, and raw food concepts.

I've always been thin and wanted to gain weight. I go to the gym, and I see that that helps. I get clarity, I feel good, and I look better, and yes, I do gain weight. The load from the workouts, cause my body to take in more calories. I'm hungrier more often, and I don't take any weight gain powders.

But I found a better way. When I looked into the possibility of weight gain for vegans, I saw a youtube video of a guy who worked out and entered his daily food intake in an app. Never saw that before.

I found a website, then app, that did the same thing. The one like and use is, and I can tell it 1) how much I weigh, and 2) how much I want to weight, and by when. It calculated how many calories I need to eat per day, which is super cool! That's when it dawned on me. It's not the "weight gainer" or so much the "high calorie" foods (which are important) as I used to think. To gain weight as a vegan or any other person, it's really the total calories in a day, day after day.

For example, if you normally eat 2500 calories a day, and change to eating 3200 calories, you will gain weight. Whether it's rice, beans, pasta, whatever. Total calories is the key.

I was used to eating a certain way and certain amount. Total habit. Now, I know how many calories are in foods I eat, and how much I need, so it's not random, and I don't have to rely on just being hungry and going to the gym, which I do enjoy. I can be very precise about it, which I really enjoy.

Another thing is that I have been training myself to add a 4th meal. I used to eat 3. So, each meal is a little bigger, and now I usually, but not always, have that extra meal. This has all made a big difference.

Last, more snacks. Unsweetened cacao nibs, coconut chips, a scoop of nut butter here and there. It all adds up.



This is an interesting topic. One of the most important things that I’ve learned. And I’m still learning.

Life is like a flip book. You know, kind of like this:

Today, at 6 am something will happen. Tomorrow, at 6 am something else will happen. And so on.

This is the secret. To keep doing things, until you see a result. This is how you change.

Same for vision improvement, and just about anything.

Pushing Through Chronic Pain

Sucks. But, there is a solution. May not be obvious to identify, but there is always a reason. Always. So, no matter what you have going on, I recommend you look for the reason. Have an open mind. Whether it be chronic pain, or anything else, keep an open mind, look, take yoga, do exercise, drink lots of good, clean water. Breathe.

The answer is out there. Sometimes it just takes time and keeping at it.

Directing the Flow

Here’s a tip that keeps me positive:

“we are what we think about all day long”. I’ve heard that attributed to Buddha, Earl Nightingale, and as an anonymous source.

I believe it. It’s not that we can’t think about a good or a bad thing, but, it seems, the continued thinking of such a thing reinforces its existence.

See, we’re all cells. Actually, cells and 2 fluids, as suggested by an ND in Naples, Florida.

And those cells live and die fairly quickly. Now, can we cast off old ideas and let those fall off as well?

Trivia – Most Abundant Minerals in Body

Hey, it’s Saturday, and I’ve had a lot of ideas for trivia – so, here’s one.

I’ll ask you interesting questions on health and healing to educate and inform.

OK, today’s question is:

What Are the Most Abundant Minerals in the Body?


Magnesium? Zinc? Phosphorous?  Take a guess.


The answers are:

Calcium, Phosphorous, and Sulfur. In that order.

Now, how to get them?

There are supplements and food. For food, dark green leafy vegetables are very rich in calcium. Milk too, but not the standard off the shelf – raw milk if you haven’t already. Google Dr Weston Price if you haven’t either.

Phosphorus – beets and other great places

Sulfur – onions

As always, search the web too. Stay away from calcium from coral, rocks and other sources that are not bio-available this is, your body can’t use the calcium from those sources in those forms.


Did you like that trivia? Want more? I’ll have some more in the future.


To your health,


Really Good Gluten Free Bread

I miss some bread that I used to eat in San Francisco and Los Angeles. I found out that my body doesn’t work so well with regular bread. I’d get headaches, or my toes would itch. Yuck.

So I looked into alternatives and found the world of gluten-free items.

Usually this is for people who have celiac or other kind of wheat intolerances. What I found from a recent commercial or something that three things cause problems with their diet, and that is

  • too much sugar
  • too much flour
  • too much oil

I agree. I would add anything processed, or GMO.

So, back to bread.

Found this little number when I was looking at, Sprouts, a really cool grocery store in LA and (recenlty found out) in San Francisco. It’s kind of like a lovechild of Whole Foods and Safeway (or any major grocery store).

It’s Food for Life Gluten Free,Yeast Free Multi Seed Rice Bread. This bread has the most amounts of things it doesn’t have.

It’s: Corn Free • Soy Free • Wheat Free • Dairy Free • Gluten Free • Yeast Free, oh, and it’s kosher and vegan. And more.

It’s good, And it’s heavy and it’s filling. (Great for that vata in me). My only qualm with this bread is that I usually have to toast it twice. My toaster dial goes to 10 and I have to put it on 7, and then 7 again (why don’t they have a dial that goes to 14, I don’t know).

Regardless, I recommend it. I’m in Florida right now, haven’t seen bread like this around. Anyone got any leads?


In 2009, I got sick. Really sick. I was diagnosed with COPD, had inhalers pushed on me, had pneumonia, and was in the hospital for a week.

Not having the best insurance, thankful for MediCal so I could see doctors, no one had a great solution except drugs.

I didn’t think I even had a proper diagnosis, since different doctors said different things. So, I started reading. I found terms like EI, environmental illness, MCS, multiple chemical sensitivity, CFS, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and some others completely resonated with me.

So, I started seeking help. I tried a lot of things. Acupuncture, some mumbo jumbo, and other alternative methods, started to make some progress. I also had some setbacks.

It was hard. With these kind of conditions, you have to dig deep, you have to go to the root of the problem. One of the main problems is that what I had don’t show up on x-rays, or in blood tests.

So I kept reading. And trying things.

Usually there are other health issues that have been either in place, or have been “almost an issue”, it could be psychological, it could be emotional, it could even be other things.

Also, you ought to keep in mind the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual components. If any of them are off, that could make a huge difference. It’s not just eating the right food. There are plenty of unhealthy health-food foodies out there.

Usually you have to address the underlying issues that you may not have had to deal with before, usually because they weren’t that bad.

It’s like a wooden bridge that may have been rickety or in bad shape but people could still cross. Maybe some of the boards of the bridge were broken off, but the boards are still intact. With MCS it’s more like that bridge broke.

Now drastic measures are needed to be done. You have to rebuild so much more.

You have to be very sure one side goes to the other.

So, when you have something serious, you have to do something serious.

While there are many ways, one way is through juicing. Of course consult a health provider beforehand.

You can look up some people who have juicing recipes, or regiments, one that really help me the most when I was super sick, was Joe cross, who has a documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. Now he was following protocol created for him by Joel Fuhrman. If you haven’t seen the documentary, it’s very good.

Joe Cross goes to Dr. Fuhrman, who puts him on a 60 day juice-only regiment.

So there he is, Joe, an Australian, is driving across the US, juicing throughout the day, and interviewing people about their thoughts on juicing. This is an extreme example, but it works.

The good news is he has his own program. Not sure if it was approved by or constructed by Dr. Furman, but he has a website reboot with There he has programs for three day, five day, And 10 day programs. You wean into the all juicing program, by having a day or two of really light mostly raw or all raw food, see you do get a little food, and then you’re off solid foods, and it’s completely liquid for the duration.

If you haven’t done it it’s pretty amazing.

Note: make please consult a (preferably natural) health care professional before undertaking any of the recommendations.

You Can Do It

Just a quick word to encourage you. Really, you can. All right, it takes work. But, isn’t it worth it?

I think so. I hope you do too. Incremental, bit by bit, that’s part of the secret. You can do it. Find your way. Hang in there.

A Major Gauge

Like the speedometer, hot/cold, gas level, battery level, and other gauges in your car, the body has it’s own set of “gauges”.

Blood pressure, pulse, temperature, cholesterol. But there’s one more, one that is not talked about much.

Your pH.

You may have heard about it. You may know something about it.

Well, it goes from 0 to 14, with 7 in the middle.

Below 7 is acidic, above is alkaline.

Now, your blood must be between 7.35 and 7.45. Slightly alkaline.

Most quick foods are acidic, and can make it harder for your body to be healthy.


What’s alkaline? Raw and cooked fruits and veggies, deep breathing, and more.

What’s acidic? Meats, nuts, processed/canned foods.


Try getting some more alkaline food in your body. See how you feel, I bet you’ll feel better.