Trivia – Most Abundant Minerals in Body

Hey, it’s Saturday, and I’ve had a lot of ideas for trivia – so, here’s one.

I’ll ask you interesting questions on health and healing to educate and inform.

OK, today’s question is:

What Are the Most Abundant Minerals in the Body?


Magnesium? Zinc? Phosphorous?  Take a guess.


The answers are:

Calcium, Phosphorous, and Sulfur. In that order.

Now, how to get them?

There are supplements and food. For food, dark green leafy vegetables are very rich in calcium. Milk too, but not the standard off the shelf – raw milk if you haven’t already. Google Dr Weston Price if you haven’t either.

Phosphorus – beets and other great places

Sulfur – onions

As always, search the web too. Stay away from calcium from coral, rocks and other sources that are not bio-available this is, your body can’t use the calcium from those sources in those forms.


Did you like that trivia? Want more? I’ll have some more in the future.


To your health,